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I have sent over 22 requests over the past few months to remove my name from their mailing list.

They refuse to do so. In fact, they are sending me one-two "newsletters" each week. The so-called "Doctor" is not even a medical doctor. She sells useless vitamins under theguise of a "medical" newsletter

. Every week I get "newsletters" trying to sell me vitamins. They have a number of different types of "newsletters with the intent of selling their remedies. They have obviously sold my name.

Please help me stop this spam in my mailbox every week from Norcross, Georgia.

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Send back their empty paid envelopes. Make them pay for their wasteful mails

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #1081976

I used their products for 3-4 years, and was completely satisfied! When I no longer needed their product, I forgot to tell them to stop the order; the order came automatically to me and I sent it back, I was refunded without any question.

I will buy again from them.

And for what concerns cancer, my Mom was cured thanks to laetrile, the vitamin B17 - she still takes it. And I am a medical Doctor, a GP.

Monroe, Oregon, United States #897953

Thank you for your testimony. I have been trying for over a year to get these snake-oil creeps to stop soliciting my elderly father.

You are right, it is extremely difficult to get off the mailing list, so I decided to try another tactic. :-) I simply call and request an address change. The change is processed immediately and I have the junk mail sent to myself instead of my father.

That way I can promptly throw it away. Problem solved.

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #779895

They definitely sell your name to everyone. They will do anything to make a buck.

I have called for a refund several times.

They keep stalling and say they will get back to you. Don't hold your breath.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #710529

If you do not like receiving multiple "spam" mails, sent from AB through the US Mail, do not do business with this company. They keep telling me my name and address has been removed, but I still keep getting mailings.

They say it might take 30 to 60 days to be removed the from the "system." BS! If you have a system a system administrator can make changes at any time.

What a bunch of BS. STOP THE MAIL!


I subscribed to your newsletter thinking I would get good information, but all you do is sell,sell,sell. I want to cancel my subscription because it is useless....

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #699889

I wish I had seen this site before placing an order by phone to the 1-800 number in their ad. I had an enormous amount of trouble trying to get the Memory Formula product I wanted from their online ad with free shipping plus one free report as in their ad for $39.95.

They wanted a promo code which does not show on any of the pages involved. I asked for a supervisor who finally came on the phone and could only refer me to customer service, which she did connect me with after another ten minutes.

A man there, David, did take my order and all I can do now is hope that I don't encounter any more problems such as shown on this site. I intend doing no more business with Advanced Bionutritionals!


SPAM them email.


selling herbs to treat cancer is something the FDA should look into

to FDA Investigation overdue #681092

RE "selling herbs to treat cancer is something the FDA should look into": Facts beat opinions any day. Sheep sorrel-burdock root "Indian Tea" aka "Ojibwa Tea" was stated on all 3 TV national broadcast networks in the early 1960s to "cure" President Kennedy's doctor's colon cancer, with "no other intervention".

The speaker was Pres. Kennedy's doctor. Pres. Kennedy introduced him.

Dr. W. C. Douglass II a few years back wrote an article about this product, now better known as "Essiac".

It has a track record of nearly 100 years--of 98% full and permanent recovery rate (we no longer can legally say "cure") for all terminal cancers it was ever used on, and 100% ditto for all non-terminal cancers. Why was it kept secret? Because the AMA poured millions of dollars into both houses of Congress (pre-bribery law era) if they would pass a new law before 7 am the next morning making it illegal for anyone, even a physician, to tell anyone, even their own patients, about anything that CURED anything--or any of its ingredients. Congress did so--with a quorum too large for JFK to veto--and Congress did so!

JFK and his doctor said so on national TV the next day. How do I know? I watched JKF & his MD on TV both days. Result: My mom died of cancer because she could only recall two of the ingredients and feared it needed all 4 ingredients.

Her part-Indian mom had told her the 4 ingredients but she forgot the last 2. FDA? FDA is on record, from more than a few sources, as directly ordering, or indirectly pressuring research scientists to falsify their findings to favor new drugs that would otherwise fail approval. FDA even helped write the Frankenfish GMO salmon paper for FDA approval--and the President of Consumers Union, which publishes Consumers Reports, wrote a formal letter of protest (He put a pdf copy of his letter online for everyone to read).

Cancer treatments? A 1980s survey of oncologists responded 80% or better that they would not take cancer treatments themselves, because they were too toxic and were ineffective, and that chemo had only a 1%-2% recovery rate.

FDA and NIH (in the documentary,

Burzynski") have been suppressing cancer curative substances for decades--and FDA actively prosecutes those doctors who use them. Those are facts, not opinions.

to Mrs Lamb Waterbury, Connecticut, United States #993100

Anyone that doubts what you say is completely unaware & totally ignorant...alls anyone has to do is google some of what you say & they could come to their own conclusions instead of saying the FDA should investigate...they are all greedy crooks...that is what is killing people & letting them die slowly with much pain & suffering...it always amazes me how quickly someone is to judge natural or organic cures without even knowing what they are talking about & they don't even bother to think there might be some truth to it. why not check into it themselves before judging what they know nothing about.

they have nothing to lose, but maybe their life to gain if they ever needed the information.

thank you for taking the time to write such informative information. I am so sorry about your mom.


their products might be good...the service sucks; can you imagive sending to HI by boat? it takes over a month


I've been using their products for over two years and love them - they are not "useless". Whenever I have been unhappy with a supplement I've sent it back and have received a prompt, full refund.


Fuchs is not a medical doctor - she's a qualified nutritionist - nutrition is something, in my experience, medical doctors know little about. Also, her associates are medical/alternative doctors.

Great company - though I don't defend Americans' geographical knowledge.

to Lillian Costa Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States #651240

I have used their products and like them also.


I also ordered their supplements and already waited for 2 months and they havent reach Singapore!!! I called several times and again they asked me to wait!

The latest called was even agitating as they asked whether my zip code is from USA!!! Obviously, i've already given my full address and it's in Singapore!!! I've requested for a refund and now the problem is....

are they going to refund ??!!!! OMG, what a company??!!

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