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Hi, as a regular customer of Advanced Bio Nutritionals I have just placed an order this evening 8.10 pm (6/8/16) with a representative by the name of Michael. If I did not know any better I would have thought I was speaking with a robot. His flat, monotone voice was not only very hard to understand, but it was extremely lifeless - to the point I was tempted to hang up and dial at another time! The point I am trying to make is that your reps.,... Read more

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Go to a natural-path or person trained in nutrition. The people you are seeing are not trained in nutrition but dis ease (per the FDA/Rx) and in some states without Medical Freedom Acts (most all) can loose their licenses if they do not follow Rx companies "rules". For example most common cause of "heartburn" is lack of adequate water and improper diet. Read "your bodies many cries for water). And antacids are the worst. They... Read more

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I had been using Bionutritionals Advanced Heartburn Relief formula for about 2 years. After 4 years of tests, several gastroenterologists, internal medicine doctors and other specialists, no one could help me with my stomach issues (even 9 trips to the emergency room in one year). Plus, I was on all kinds of medicines for treatment, nothing helped. I tried this formula and it has been the only thing that has helped me. Now they STOPPED... Read more

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Those pills are too big to swallow, too hard to crush, too vile to either chew or dissolve in water to drink because they are best on an empty stomach so can't be disguised. Most foods have calcium so they can't be taken with something to help either swallow them or to disguise the flavor. I suggest reformatting each into four little pills that can be swallowed, and giving details of what foods they could be taken with and still not loose their... Read more

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AB's "newsletters" are nothing more than a used car salesman type tactic but they make the reader pay an egregiously overpriced fee to get these phony "newsletters'. Their "free" reports, which they use as bribes to get the reader to subscribe are full of misleading and even bad information. For instance they claim that one cup of chick peas provide 50% of the 4700 mgs. daily potassium needs. This is not true, they provide only 477 mgs per... Read more

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Do your 'Metabolism Defense' supplement work to lower blood glucose?

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I ordered AB Ultimate Bone Support for $79.95 and received two boxes one with what I did not order for $149.70 same stuff. I never get headaches and after taking the product for a couple of days I got a headache, I hate the bother, I have to call them and send stuff back which at my age is a hassle and I have started to wonder if all these companies promising refunds etc. know that most of us can't be bothered. I will call them on Monday and... Read more

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I have bought products from advanced bionutritionals. They SAY they have a unconditional money back guarantee. That is a lie. I have been trying for over 2 months to get my money back. When you call they say they need to research this and never get back to you. They are a bunch of liars. I have taken their newsletters for many years. They are just a bunch of pill pushers and their guarantees are not worth the paper they are printed on. If they... Read more

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I have sent over 22 requests over the past few months to remove my name from their mailing list. They refuse to do so. In fact, they are sending me one-two "newsletters" each week. The so-called "Doctor" is not even a medical doctor. She sells useless vitamins under theguise of a "medical" newsletter . Every week I get "newsletters" trying to sell me vitamins. They have a number of different types of "newsletters with the intent of... Read more

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